Blues Dance Rotterdam brings the joy of dancing the Blues to this wonderful city!

Blues Dance is a family of African American vernacular dances, danced to Blues music; dances within this family are linked by shared aesthetics and techniques rooted in Black American traditions and historical context.

As different styles of blues music developed around the USA, the conglomeration of blues dances evolved in parallel with these regional music styles. While blues isn’t a single dance, the many blues idiom dances (e.g. slow drag, struttin’) are united in shared aesthetics and techniques, commonly referred to as the blues aesthetic.

Blues dance as a strong emphasis on connection with the partner, the music, and the community. It is an improvisational dance which places high value on rhythm and individual movement, and is primarily danced in partnership but also solo or in a group.

To give you a better idea of what Blues Dance is, here are some videos that show the best of it.

Jookin’ Blues – bluesSHOUT! 2017


Ballroomin’ Blues – blues SHOUT! 2019


Blues Idiom Dances: Piedmont triple, The Strut, The Stride, Chicago Triple – Blues Geek 2018


Blues Idiom Dances: Grind, Savoy Walk, Texas Shuffle – Blues Geek 2018


Group Choreo Pink Champagne – Julie Brown, Ruth Evelyn, Sarah Elise – bluesSHOUT! 2017


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