Party like it’s 1949!

We are so looking forward to this day!

What’s with 1949? Tell us about it, Roffaswing!

“In the second half of the 1940s rhythms changed and the music shifted (like it always does!). Swing never disappeared, but big bands became small bands, Rhythm & Blues hit the charts, Mambo arrived in New York City, creativity in jazz found new expressions in Be Bop and Blues remained at the core of everything. Afro-American and Latin music kept everybody on the dance floor.

The workshops on offer will give you a taste of these exciting times in music history, and you’ll get a chance to try different dance styles that are closely related and intertwined with swing dancing. Be it in a partner or solo setting, here’s an opportunity to enrich your experience of swing dancing. All workshops will let you experiment with your sense of music, your sense of movement and your sense of rhythm. Feel the music!” – Roffaswing,  Party like it’s 1949!

Amongst the several workshops being offered, is a Struttin’ Blues workshop by yours truly!

Register and find all about this fabulous day HERE!


Struttin’ is one of the Blues idiom dances, a family of African American Vernacular dances, danced to the many styles of Blues music. It is original from Memphis, Tennessee (USA) that was danced in Juke Joints & Honky-Tonks throughout the 1940’s, 50’s and early 60’s to Blues music of medium to high tempos.

We know what you are thinking: high tempos in Blues? Yes, that’s what we are talking about! This dance feels and looks like you are lightly jogging together around the dance floor, in a “lean in” close embrace position that allows for all the playfulness that independent lead & follow footwork variations bring to the dance! Take a look at the video: